Sticker Installation Guide

Step 1: Cleaning the surface (MOST IMPORTANT PART)

Clean the surface with IPA and a microfibre cloth to remove dirt, dust, oils, sealants and waxes. DO NOT use glass cleaners that are not alcohol based as these may leave a coating which will impact the application.

Step 2: Placement

Please note that sticker cannot be repositioned once applied so take your time when choosing where to apply the sticker.

Step 3: Sticker Preparation

Start by pushing the squeegee (link to purchase) onto the sticker to make sure the application tape is stuck firmly to the sticker. Once you are happy with this slowly remove the paper backing to reveal the sticky side of the sticker. If the sticker isn't lifting of the backing paper place the paper back and repeat the beginning of this step. We advise doing this at a 45 degrees angle. Please take care during this step to not damage the sticker.

Step 4: Squeegee

Use a squeegee (link to purchase) press firmly on the sticker removing any air bubbles working from the centre out. A microfiber can be used if a squeegee wont fit in a tight area. If there are any air bubbles a pin can be used to remove these after the next step.

 Step 5: Application tape removal

Please now remove the application tape slowly at a 45 degree angle making sure the sticker has stuck correctly, if the sticker is trying to lift with the application tape use a squeegee to push it back down again.